Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Dog Days} of Summer

Oh, Summer...
The sun beating down, the waves crashing on the sand, barbecues, bonfires, pool parties, water balloon fights... Summer is here, and I don't want to waste what small amount of Summer we have left. 
I've been spending an hour or so every day lounging on the beach, reading, playing in the water, and relaxing. I've been making sure to find a small part of every day to relish in happiness. 
I've found love recently, and I honestly think it's because I've started to take the time to appreciate a small part of every day. When I take the time to appreciate the beauty around me, I'm reminded that I'm beautiful and worthy of love, and so are the many people around me.
If you aren't taking the time to appreciate your life every day, I highly suggest it. It's very much worth it.


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