Friday, February 14, 2014

{Valentine's Day} LOVE

For a romantic or fun evening out!
Happy Valentine's Day! 
I hope that you are enjoying this day with people you love - a significant other, friends or family - and enjoy your Friday and the three-day-weekend ahead! Above is a photo of a dress I found that I would absolutely love to be wearing this Valentine's Day - it's so cute and festive, (buy it here: Poppy In for a Visit Dress from ModCloth) and would be perfect again in the summer -  but I already bought the cutest shirt!

Here's the shirt: 
It's from Target! So cute, right?
I'm a bit owl-obsessed so this shirt was perfect!

I had a wonderful day at work, and I was more spoiled today than I was at Christmas! It left me feeling very loved (and sugar-filled, but in a really good way). I even received a red rose from one of my students! Cutest thing ever.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!


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