Friday, August 1, 2014

Bridal Shower {part 2}

He stole her heart. So she stole his last name

Yesterday, I made this post about the bridal shower I threw for my friend, Kimberly. Seeing as I had a certain vision in mind, but also having a budget, I had to improvise. 
Instead of buying certain things, especially things I saw on Etsy, I made them myself. Firstly, the sign above! I saw a similar sign in San Francisco on a trip and kicked myself for not purchasing it when I was there. It would be perfect for the bridal shower and eventually, the wedding. My mother was particularly sad that we didn't buy it, so I ran to the local art supply store and decided to make it myself! 
It ended up being a big hit during the shower, and a bunch of people want one now.

I also wanted a candy bar with the theme of "Something Blue."
It ended up being fairly small since most of the women coming were older and don't really enjoy candy anymore. However, the younger women all loved the Something Blue bar!

We had blue rock candy, two shades of blue M&M's, blue Lindt truffles, some blue mints, blueberry cheesecake, and lastly, blue rock candy pops.
I loved searching for the candy and putting this part of the shower together.
It was a blast!


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