Monday, January 6, 2014

Quote of the Week 1/6/2014

"You are the piece of the puzzle of someone else's life. You may never know where you fit, but others will fill the holes in their lives with pieces of you."
-Bonnie Arbon
I love my friends and family, but despite all of their love, I am in a new place and I'm looking for a new friend group to fit into. Sometimes I need to remind myself that someone will come into my life when they are meant to - I will make more friends and find people who will become part of my family. And even when I feel unnecessary, I remind myself of this quote - I may not know how important I am in the lives of those around me.
Even if you are feeling unimportant, think of this quote and remember that others may see the beauty and importance of your soul, even if you are blind to it.
You are important.

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