Saturday, December 7, 2013

{Study Time}

The best tea in the whole world!
Finals week is almost here, and so it's time to get studying! (Or, in my case, procrastinating just a little bit longer by creating this post!) But really though, I have an eight page paper due mid-week, and I got started early so all I have left is a conclusion and editing! However, I'm still working on study guides for my other class. And I have work every day - yikes!

So, here is my advice for this finals weekend: 
1. Get started, NOW, if you haven't already. 
That way you can take a few breaks so your brain is not fried on Monday morning. 
2. If you are able, get into a STUDY GROUP. 
They don't always work, but when they do, you end up with multiple ideas and people who got the notes that you missed. Study groups have the potential to be super helpful.
3. Take BREAKS.
Your brain needs them. Trust me, you want to be able to take twenty minutes here and there. And that leads me to...
All of the studying in the world does not do anything if you can't stay awake during the final.
Coffee and the occasional energy drink are fine sometimes, but you should not be guzzling them for weeks on end. Do yourself and your grades a favor and get to bed.
When you actually get into your finals this week, just breathe. Stressing yourself out entirely will likely make your mind go blank. And if you do not know the answers to every question, that is okay. Just follow what your gut is telling you - it is usually right in testing situations. And if you are in an essay-type test situation, just try your best. It's much better than putting down nothing. 

Good luck on Finals!
You will pull through!


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