Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Long, {2013}

It's time to say "so long" to 2013, and "hello" to 2014!
It's the time for resolutions, new hopes and dreams for the year ahead, and a time to celebrate the year we have just completed. I love New Year's Eve/Day because it is so full of hope.
2013 was a pretty good year, overall. It didn't seem super eventful, but then I realized that so much has happened in the last year: I left the United States for the first time, I moved out to a city that I love, I didn't go to Disneyland this whole year (that is the first time that has ever happened), and while I have yet to make a good group of friends in my new home, I have a calmness and happiness in me that comes from living there.
So, 2013, you were new and weird and a little crazy, and I am glad to have had these experiences, but I am ready to make new memories and have new experiences in 2014.
Happy New Year!
P.S. New Year's Resolutions to come tomorrow!

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