Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pre-K Wednesday: Dinosaur Week!

My example
Since we have had a lot of boy students this summer, most of whom are headed to Kindergarten, we had to find some dinosaur related activities for them. They've spent weeks finding all of the dinosaur books possible in the classrooms, so I came up with an activity sure to get their attention: paper-plate stegosauruses! 

Pretty close to the example! 
They were all so adorable, but I really liked the ones done by the younger kids (age 3 and 4):

Aren't they just the cutest?
Some of the books the kids loved to read were: Dinosaur Dinosaur by Kevin Lewis and Dinosaur A-Z: For kids who really love dinosaurs! by Roger Priddy. We also told many dinosaur jokes, which always make the kids crack up. A personal favorite is:

What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?
A dino-snore!


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