Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Succulent {Garden}

The final product!
So, in an earlier post, I said that I would update y'all when I began to work on my own garden, and now my garden is complete (for now, at least!). I added moss roses to some of my planter boxes that had plants left by the previous owner of my home:
Although the moss roses added a little something to my garden, the plants I was most excited for were the succulents:
Echeveria Chroma
I wanted a nice mix of the colors, heights, and looks of succulents, so I started with my favorite, (pictured above) called Echeveria Chroma, and (pictured below) Graptosedum, otherwise known as "California Sunset": 
Graptosedum "California Sunset"
After that, I wanted to add some height and interesting-looking succulents...
Elephant Bush
The one pictured below, called Blue Chalk Sticks, is super funky! I love it!
Blue Chalk Sticks
String of Buttons
Last but not least, I bought the String of Buttons, which is super cute and fun, in my opinion! The finished product is shown at the top of the page. I really like how it turned out!
It's really important, with succulents, to have a well-draining soil, so I used Miracle Gro Moisture-Control Potting Mix, which you can buy here if you so please. 

Happy gardening!

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