Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Alcatraz Island, photo by me

When I decided to move to Santa Cruz, I knew I would be leaving behind a lot of places I love in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though San Francisco is just over an hour away from my new home, it's harder to make the trip out to the city than when I lived somewhere close to BART. I really miss being able to hop on the train for 45 minutes and find myself in the middle of such an amazing city.
Building with bougainvillea, SF, by me

I'm going back home but I still won't get to stop by the city- there just isn't enough time! I'm hoping to be able to head out there sometime before my classes start in September. I will definitely need to stop by my favorite tea shop in the city to pick up their special "After Seven Fifty Nine" tea (it tastes like chocolate and mint):
This Union Jack chair is adorable! It's not in their store currently; they had to change locations but they're opening up a second location so this beauty should be back!

Their Marie Antoinette felt dolls are just fabulous!

This lovely tea shop, called Crown & Crumpet, has been a favorite of mine for about 4 years. The owners are British and so kind! If you're ever in San Francisco, you should check them out! They come highly recommended. 

Caryn Elizabeth

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