Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pre-K Wednesday: The Halloween Frenzy begins!

October is here and so our Halloween activities have begun! We dug out some Halloween themed books and have found plenty of Halloween crafts and snacks to keep us busy for almost the whole month!

Pictured above, as well as below, were our smoosh-paintings: we just used Halloween colors: black, orange, and white, then let the kids put the paint wherever they wanted on construction paper. After that we fold the paper and let the kids "smoosh" it with their hands, and voila! Weird shapes in fun colors. 

There were lots of outcomes and funny shapes; the kids really enjoyed this activity. My example piece (above right) looks like lungs!
These collage pumpkins are silly and so cute:

We also read a variety of books, including:
Rattlebone Rock
And we sing the song in this book:

Five Little Pumpkins (Harper Growing Tree)
So far we teachers have been having just as much fun with Halloween as the students!

What are your favorite Halloween activities to do with kids?


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