Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pre-K Wednesday: Our Bunny!

Meet our bunny! 

She is just so fluffy and adorable, and the kids love her a lot. Mostly they watch her hop around in her crate, but every so often we let the bunny hop around our large rec room. The children have to be reminded often not to chase her but they certainly enjoy tip-toeing behind her around the room. Petting and feeding the bunny is always an exciting task, and more than once a child has tried to give her carrots from their own lunch! 

This week, we did an activity that included our bunny:
What do bunnies like to do?

We received a variety of answers, but the most common answers were: "Hop!" and "Eat carrots!"
That was perfect because we were writing the answers on carrot construction paper. 
I liked doing this activity because it reminded the kids of how much they are involved with our class pets, and they love talking about the bunny at home!


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