Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pre-K Wednesday: Welcome Week!

Our preschool has been back in session for a week and a half now, and we are finally able to get some crafts in with the kids! Last week was our welcome week, so we let the children adjust to their new school and surroundings.
With Autumn approaching, we will be doing many apple-themed projects. We did a dot-paint worksheet (pictured below; I found the worksheet here) and the kids did a great job learning the first letter of the alphabet! We also had a fun apple snack: we used a twist apple corer, and the kids were able to "make" their own snack! It was lots of fun for the kids and teachers.

Since the majority of the children are younger (age 2), we wanted to have activities that were fun but not too difficult! We decided upon painted hand prints with a poem below them (pictured at the top of this post, and below). It was a little bit tickly, which made the kids laugh! 

It was a very amusing sensory activity. They all enjoyed seeing their hand prints up on the wall!
We will certainly continue to see how their hands grow throughout the year!


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