Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Five

ONE | Bastille

Seriously, this song ("Pompeii") has been stuck in my head for two weeks now. It's just so catchy!

TWO | Black Boots

I've been eyeing these boots for a while now; I really want them! The quilting and the gold accents really make this pair special.

THREE | Pinterest

Pinterest is always a fun distraction for me, and I now have a Pinterest under this blog name! Go check it out and procrastinate with me!

FOUR | The Mortal Instruments

Found on pinterest
I started reading City of Bones before seeing the movie, because that is the only way to see a movie based on a book! (I reviewed the book and movie already; read here.) Now I am obsessed with the books; I am currently about halfway through the third, called City of Glass, and it just completely draws me in. Such a great series. 

FIVE | Headbands

Growing out my bangs is taking forever. Seriously. Finding ways to pin back my too-long-for-my-face but too-short-to-be-normal-hair fringe is frustrating. So, when in doubt: headbands! They are the best. Currently I'm using ones I bought in high school and a cheap-but-cute one from Target... but this nautical-chic one from Etsy is adorable! Must have!

Caryn Elizabeth

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